Nationalist gathering, leinster, july 09 » cam6

3 Responses to “cam6”

  1. I am really happy to see that there are people here in this Country actually taking a stand and doing something about this massive problem we have. Hopefully more people will see the truth and take a stand and walk side by side with you guys.
    Heil Sieg!

    • muscailte Says:

      Thanks kristin.

    • Yes Kristin, I’M TOTALLY WITH YOU
      Its six or seven me hiding out in a country camp-out, that’s going to turn this country around! I’m with you (in spirit) on your STAND. Soon the foreigner will be on the run…ALONG WITH THE LIBERAL MEDIA
      Go on Ireland
      HEIL SIEG!!
      (or shouldn’t that be ‘Sieg Heil’…? I’m lost now..)

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