Nationalist gathering,August 09

One Response to “Nationalist gathering,August 09”

  1. anthony roach Says:

    i’am a very pissed off white irish male who’s fuck’in sick of not have’in any work or money because of all the NONE IRISH that are in MY country take’in MY work. at the moment i have nothing and the welfare won’t help. but yet when these NONE IRISH come in their given homes,cars and anything else they need within a few day’s of get’in here. what the fuck about me and the other true irish that have worked for years and payed their taxes. i’am not just talk’in about black’s, indain’s, pak’s, muslim or jews it’s anyone who’s not irish and taken are job’s away from us the IRISH PEOPLE. but the biggest scum in this country are are own goverment who have aloud this to happen. i fell i’am on my own on this one because i find it hard to find people that fell the same as i do because their all to PC and don’t want to affend anyone. if anyone can get intouch with me and let me know about any meeting or public gathering of like minded people i would welcome this. nice 1.

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